ALERT - As our products grow in popularity year after year, counterfeit UTG products unfortunately also appear in various forms in the market, online or at gun shows. From optics, mounts, to grips, lights, and other accessories, our investigation revealed that these counterfeits are inferior in material, design, precision, finish, reliability or durability. They could come in generic white boxes, cheap plastic bags or fully dressed up in UTG look-alike packaging with our logo, manual and the whole 9 yards. How can you tell knock-offs from our authentic products? If the seller is shipping to you directly from China, it is a counterfeit. If the product is packaged differently from what is shown at , that's likely another clue. If the product looks genuine, but it has an "unbelievably good" price, that may be too good to be true. We caution all customers to be vigilant. Find credible sources to purchase authentic UTG products. Our distributors/dealers do not ship products out of China. Don't jeopardize your safety in the hunting/shooting sport by skimming a few dollars. You are always welcome to contact our customer service for assistance to find credible dealers or to verify any item. Please help us in this fight against counterfeits. When encountering any suspicious product, please report it to the appropriate marketplace and contact us for investigation. We need your support to protect Leapers/UTG consumers. You can always count on our commitment to innovation, quality, affordability and our most caring support and service.