Catalog Download

In addition to this website, Leapers/UTG provides product information to our distributors/dealers through this printed catalog. It includes our current items as well as many new development items that we are either working on or plan to work on shortly. Items you find in the catalog may not be on the website if they have not been introduced. Items under development when our annual catalog went to print may not always show the finalized specifications. Website product information would show the finalized specs at product launch time. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question. Your suggestions and input are always welcome! 

1. Complete Catalog

2. Introduction

3. Scopes

4. Dot Sights & Magnifiers

5. Optic Mounts & Rings

6. Iron Sights

7. Receivers

8. Handguards

9. Bipods

10. Stocks, Buffers & Tubes

11. Grips & Hand Stops

12. Magazines

13. Flashlights & Lasers

14. Accessories & Tools

15. Gun Cases

16. Tactical Gear

17. Back Index