Q: Where are Leapers products made?

A: UTG PRO® marked products are made in the USA in Michigan. UTG® marked products are made overseas either in Taiwan or China depending on the SKU. INTEGRIX® optics are made in Taiwan. All products come from 100% Leapers owned and operated manufacturing and production centers.


Q: What kind of warranty do Leapers products have?

A: All Leapers products come with the Best Never Rest Lifetime Warranty and warrants that all products conform to published specifications and are free from defects in material and workmanship. Leapers will repair or replace defective products for the duration of the product’s lifespan.

Warranty does not extend to products disassembled, damaged from misuse, negligence, natural disasters/accidents, or unauthorized repair or alteration.

Warranty Request


Q: I have an older product that needs warranty service, but its discontinued?

A: Leapers will provide parts replacement to discontinued products if we still have the parts on hand. If parts are no longer available and the discontinued product is no longer supported, Leapers will provide credit in the amount of the discontinued product’s MSRP if the product issue is deemed as defective.


Q: Where can I find instructions on how to use my Leapers product?

A: Product user manuals can be accessed here. Product user manuals can also be found at the top of website under the “SUPPORT” tab.


Q: I believe I have a counterfeit Leapers product. What can I do?

A: Let us know. Use the contact form found here and use the drop-down menu to select “Customer Service” under “Contact Reason”. Place “Reporting A Counterfeit” in the “Subject” box. Upload any photos of videos of the product in question directly to the form. We can confirm whether the product you have is a genuine Leapers product and work with you towards a solution.

Updated Date: 2/6/2023


Q: How do I become a Leapers Dealer?

A: Fill out and submit the Become a Dealer form found here. This form can also be found at the top of our website under the “SUPPORT” tab. Emailing your business and contact information to office@leapers.com is another option. Be sure to put “Become a Dealer” in the subject line. A sales representative will follow up with you shortly to complete the dealer application process. Should you wish to get set up over the phone, please call 734-542-1500.    


Q: Does Leapers have a minimum order value (MOV) or minimum order quantity (MOQ) for dealers and distributors?

A: Leapers does have a $300 MOV per order, but no MOQ per order or per SKU for dealers and distributors (excludes OEM & ODM sales).


Q: Where can I get a copy of your product catalog?

A: You can download our complete catalog or any individual product category from our catalog here. Catalog download can also be found at the top of our website under the “SUPPORT” tab. If looking for a physical paper copy, please email office@leapers.com or call 734-542-1500.


Q: Where can I buy Leapers products?

A: Leapers products can be purchased through our authorized distributors and dealers. Use the “Find A Dealer” locator at the top of our website to find what ones are in your area. Our products can also be found and purchased online. Looking for a specific product of ours? Look up its SKU to quickly find online dealers and or distributors who carry it.


Q: Does Leapers sell direct to consumers?

A: Leapers currently does not sell direct to consumers and participates in wholesale only. If you need assistance finding a particular product, feel free to contact us. We do however have a buy direct program and discount for first responders. See details here


Q: Does Leapers provide sponsorship to individuals, teams, events, or competitions?

A: Please submit all sponsorship inquiries to office@leapers.com