Martin Richter - HOG HUNTER

With more than 25 years experience in the hunting and shooting industry, I expose my equipment to some of the harshest conditions in the field. From optics to firearm components and accessories, without a doubt, Leapers is second to none. That’s why I choose Leapers products!


A lot of the game I hunt is in the low-light conditions of dawn and dusk, so an excellent light transmission characteristic is a key requirement for the scopes I use. The INTEGRIX™ scopes are really outstanding in this respect, providing clear images even in the last minutes of daylight!


I’m honored to partner with Leapers! Leapers and I share the same passion, to compete at the highest level with American made products (UTG PRO®) that are the best. Whether you are competing shooting or hunting you want to be the best! To be the best you need the best American made products (UTG PRO®) for your gun.